● 2kVA - 3200kVA with single phase and three phase outputs

● All industrial voltage value (208 - 380 - 400 - 415 - 480 - 600V) Wide input voltage range -65% / +45%

● Maintenance-free new technology with Microprocessor control-ler.

● High speed regulation (Up to 500V/sec.)

● High Ef˝ciency (97%)

● CPU controlled thyristor units for power management Protection against over load, over temperature, high voltage, low voltage etc.

● Flexible desing and software property that can easily orient it self to different grid and voltage conditions.

● On / Off and manual by-pass switch for working through grid, in cases where malfunction happens or when maintenance needs. Real static-modular design with THYRISTOR technology used in power units and SMPS technology in feeding units.

● “Remote Management System” and software support by which the user can remotely view manage all of these information. Production according to ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System.

● New technological design that is suitable for industrial environ-ments like very dusty conditions, humidity and vibration. Maintenance free design.

● Safe usage for all electrical devices.

● Minimal size, long life.

● User friendly, easy and comprehensive LCD Display and mimic diagram

● Compact structure with high quality material and minimum malfunction hazard

● Surge Arrester against sudden voltage increases and streaks lightning

● Spare part providing guarantee for 10 years

● Parallel connection for special high power applications

● Self test facility