Our workings consist of three categories

1. Manufacturing activities

2. Sales and marketing activities

3. After sales services and technical support activities

4. Research and development activities


Manufacturing of equipments below, whose technology and intellectual property rights belong to Edit Electronik Systems Industry & Trade Ltd .Co., are made in the factory located in Istanbul.

1. Static Voltage Stabilizers

Industrial type static voltage stabilizers are manufactured 1 phase and 3 phases input and between the power range of 2 KVA and 3000 KVA. They are produced with high speed, microprocessor controlled and semi-conductor technology. Through the static voltage stabilizers that are -considering the needs of customers coming from different countries that have different electrical and environmental conditions- designed and manufactured as flexible and durable; voltage control, protection and optimization requirements of our customers who give importance to the quality and operating safety, are fulfilled.

2. Industrial Type Energy Saving Units

Energy saving units, which are designed by taking sustainable environment consciousness and European Union recommendations about decreasing carbon emission as reference, are manufactured as 1 phase and 3 phases and up to 3.000 KVA. We aim to economize energy consumption up to 25 % through the energy saving units that are manufactured with different designs depending on the properties of the equipments and mains voltage.

3. On-Line Uninterruptable Power Supplies

Uninterruptable Power Supplies are manufactured for the purpose of providing permanent and safe energy requirement through the duplex circuit IGBT technology and the galvanic isolation transformer (at output). They are manufactured as 1 phase and 3 phases and up to 200 KVA.

4. Battery charger units

Battery Charger Units, designed for industrial requirements, possess the Input isolation transformer and microprocessor controlled thyristor technology. Battery charger units, designed for charging the industrial type, Ni-Cd and Lead Acid batteries, are manufactured as 1 phase and 3 phases input and up to 500 KVA.

5. Transformers

Dry type transformers which are designed for grid isolation and voltage change requirements are manufactured within indoor and outdoor cabinets and up to 500 KVA.

We could manufacture these products (under our own brand name), also for our OEM customers within the frame of institutional agreements. Edit Electronik Systems Industry & Trade Ltd .Co. who thinks geographic nearness to the three continents and young population of Turkey as advantage, started out to be manufacturer partner to the corporate companies which have their own customer portfolio. Edit Electronik Systems Industry & Trade Ltd .Co. has signed powerful agreements on this way.


Via the domestic and foreign fairs that our sales and marketing team took part in, it is trying to reach to the institutional end users, regional and country distributors and retailers.

Our sales and marketing team that succeeded to make sell to more than 50 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa, has signed dealership and distributorship agreements in 20 different countries.

By the help of power which it takes from our manufacturer company identity, our sales-marketing team has drawn up long-lasting Manufacturer Partner agreements according to the expectations and demands of our institutional customers that want to purchase products under their own brand name. Our sales marketing team which carries the authority to make exclusive distributorship agreements and regional distributorship agreements related to the special conditions of the countries and/or regions where our customers locate and to the annual sales quota, are ready to response your demands in the fastest way.


Our technical Support Team consists of experienced and Professional staff and they provide technical support and consultancy services required for accurate and efficient working of the electronic equipments and systems which have been changing and developing rapidly.

Consultancy services starts with specifying the customers’ needs accurately. It continues with analyzing, evaluating and reporting of the grid and load conditions of the customers; finally ends with customer education about use and maintenance of the products bought.

Our technical support services are not limited to set up and working of the products according to the customer needs. They also provide after sales maintenance and repair services and education for the technical staff of corporate customers.

In order to provide technical support services for the customers from different countries, required knowledge and education for the technical staff of our technical partners and distributors are given. Besides, in case of need we could provide service via our own technical staff all over the world.


Our Research and Development unit is constituted for the purpose of following fastly changing and developing electronic technologies and of reinforcing our products with the help of these changing technologies. It has been continuing to study on the development of equipments appropriate for different environmental and load conditions of different countries and customers.

Control and protection software of the micro-processor controlled products has been consistently updating and developing. Arrangements and additional features appropriate for needs and demands of our OEM customers are materialized through the studies of our R&D unit.