Parallel Redundant Voltage Stabilizer

Parallel Redundant Voltage Stabilizer




IPR series Parallel Redundant Voltage regulator, consists of a fast speed, thyristor controlled, maintenance free, AC voltage optimizer and regulation units together with the management softwares, whose outputs can be parallelly connected by shortcutting, in any case of failure on any unit it can uninterruptibly work by equally sharing the load on the remaining units, is designed to supply continious and safe energy to the high power industrial loads by regulating the AC grid voltage according to the required nominal voltage of the facilities which is determined according to the special conditions of the facilities and keeping the voltage at that nominal level.

Regulators with required quantity and same power level, can work parallely with the help of the Parallel Management Unit (PMU) which makes the regulators work parallel and synchronized. It is possible to activate and deactivate each and every regulator on the system without affecting the other regulators’ work. If any regulator is deactivated, other regulators and the loads those are connected to the parallel system will not be affected by this and the total load will be shared equally on the remaining regulators. No circulation current occurs between the regulators which work synchronously and no unbalanced load or no overload situations happen on any regulator.

IPR series Parallel Redundant Voltage Regulators, are designed specially according to the facilities’ total power, grid’s voltage characteristics and load characteristics.


UNSTABLE VOLTAGE: IPR series Parallel Redundant Voltage Regulators, can be used in any facility where the machines continuous and efficient working conditions are affected by the unstable, increasing or decreasing grid voltage. In industrial applications, manufacturing load and proportionally the electricity consumption change seasonally and periodically. Ascents and descents occur on the city grid voltage because of the changes on the power demand from the distribution lines and power transformers. Unstable voltage negatively affects the performance and efficiency of the machines and devices. Mostly IPR series Voltage Regulators are used to solve these problems in the facilities.

High Power Applications: IPR series Parallel Redundant Voltage Regulators can be used for voltage optimization and regulation with in the facilities or factories which have more installed power than 3MVA. As the electrical protection and switching units are not manufactured for that high power ratings, for high capacity facilities, high power can be maintained by connecting two or more power tranformers parallely. This application can also preferred to keep the facility run even with the low capacity when any power tranformers is deactivated.

In high power applications with the parallely connected power transformers, voltage regulation can be done by connecting the equal quantity parallel voltage regulators.


In facilities where continious work is important, in order to avoid the full stop of the facility in case of a problem with the power transformer, two or more power transformers are connected parallely to supply the total power. The remaining power transformers still continue to supply power even there is a break down one of them . IPR series Parallel Redundant Voltage Regulators are designed for these applications. One more spare regulator is connected to the parallely connected regulators those supply the total power of the facility. When all the regulators are on, they work with %80 capacity; in any case of a deactivation of one of the regulators by any reason, total load is shared by the remaining regulators. The remaining regulators maintain the continious work of the facility by working with %100 capacity. If more regulators are deactivated then the facility can still run but with decreasing the work load. For parallel redundancy, 3 or more regulators are connected parallely.


IPR Voltage regulators which are manufactured with the high speed switching THYRISTOR technology, maintenance free and have long life time.

THYRISTORS which are controled with high technology CPU units and special software algorithms, are switched on grid frequency and on voltage zero transition. Thyristor switchings doesn’t make any harmonic noise.

Thanks to its special design, up to %60 unstable voltage can be regulated fast and uninterruptibly in a very short time like 3-5 cycles.

The regulators those are managed by the PMU parallel management unit, work fully synchronized. No circulation current occurs between the regulators, and no instability happens on the output voltage of them.

IPR series Parallel Redundant Voltage Regulators, those are manufactured with flexible manufacturing philosophy according to the customers’ requirements, have functional and user friendly LCD displays. Regulators’ output parameters can be adjusted, output voltages, input voltages and load percentage information can be seen together with the regulators’ conditions’ information via LCD display and remotely via the optional Remote Management Unit(RMU).


IPR series Parallel Redundant Voltage Regulators, are equipped with electronic protection functions to maintain safe working and long lifetime.

There are standard input circuit breaker(ACB) and optional output circuit breaker(ACB) for safety and short circuit protection. There is a manual By-pass switch, to switch the loads with a fast and safe way to the grid in any case of malfunction.

Standart protections are, electronic over load warning and protection, over temperature protection, low/high voltage protection for input, low/high voltage protection for output, phase cut and frequency error warning and protection. Optionally earth leakage, phase sequence error and neutral lost protections can be added.